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Effective character & leadership development 

Curriculum targets 6-8th grade

Sold over 95,000+ workbooks to schools nationwide



In today's ever-changing world, the role of character and values in shaping the next generation cannot be overstated. Activation Youth Education recognizes the crucial need to instill a values-based education in students, as they are the future leaders, thinkers, and doers of society. This approach is not only forward-thinking but deeply impactful. Our program aims to nurture students to make decisions that are based on good character to help be successful in life.

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Middle School Curricula 

Character, often defined as the moral and ethical qualities that define an individual, is the bedrock upon which a person's values are built. It encompasses traits such as integrity, honesty, responsibility, and resilience. Developing a strong character is essential for navigating life's challenges and uncertainties. It empowers students to make sound decisions, build healthy relationships, and persevere through adversity.

Values are the guiding principles that influence a person's choices, behavior, and outlook on life. Activation Youth Education's curriculum takes a holistic approach to education by emphasizing the importance of instilling values that go beyond academic achievements. These values might include respect, empathy, compassion, and a sense of social responsibility. Students who internalize these values not only make better choices but also contribute positively to the communities in which they live.

Becoming a positive contributor is the ultimate goal of this educational approach. It encourages students to see their education as more than just a path to personal success; it's a means to give back and make a difference in the world. Activation's curriculum helps students connect the dots between their character, values, and their role in society. It empowers them to recognize that they have the potential to be positive contributors who can influence their communities, tackle global issues, and leave a lasting impact.

The results of such an education are profound. Students who understand the connection between character and values become more resilient in the face of challenges. They exhibit empathy and respect for diverse perspectives, fostering a more inclusive and harmonious society. They are more likely to engage in volunteer work, civic participation, and activism, contributing to the betterment of their communities and the world at large. Furthermore, these students are better equipped to face the demands of an ever-changing world, as their strong character and values serve as a moral compass in the face of uncertainty.

In conclusion, Activation Youth Education's focus on character, values, and becoming a positive contributor is a progressive and impactful approach to education. It not only equips students with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed academically but also fosters qualities and beliefs that make them better individuals and global citizens. This values-based education sets the stage for a brighter, more compassionate, and more harmonious future, as students learn to harness their potential to create positive change in the world.

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Our Mission

Leader's Edge is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 that sponsors and promotes the Activation Youth Education Program.  Activation Youth Education develops character and leadership development courses for students in private and public education.  In 2017, the Ohio Department of Education designated us as a Best Practice.  Our proven effective character values curriculum targets grades 6-8. 



Proven Impact

Social emotional learning equips students with essential skills, such as self-awareness, empathy, and resilience, fostering their overall well-being and enabling them to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.


Proven Impact


Schools Impacted

Over 100 school districts have embraced the power of Activation to drive student growth by implementing social emotional learning strategies that prioritize the holistic development of students.


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Life Balance

Social emotional learning provides students with the valuable tools and skills needed to achieve a sense of life balance, enabling them to effectively manage stress, prioritize self-care, and navigate challenges while maintaining overall well-being.


Students Impacted

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